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BYU-Hydro 102: System Operations
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This course provides an introduction to operating systems and using the terminal/command line.
Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

Depending on your tasks in the lab, at some point or the other you will be asked to use command line, also known as a terminal (on a Mac) or PowerShell (in Windows) or connect to a server to get some data from it or lookup/perform some operations. Basic knowledge of commonly used terms around server technologies as well as the ability to run basic commands in a terminal and connect to a server will be tools you might end up needing on a daily basis. Finally, we will also cover Cron Jobs which allow you to set up scheduled tasks on a computer system that repeat at a fixed interval.

Course Author

Rohit Khattar/Josh Ogden

Target Audience


Tools Needed

A Linux machine or virtual machine, a machine with MacOS could also work.

Suggested Time Spent

3-5 Hours


Course on virtual machines strongly recommended

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Enrollment is Closed