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BYU-Hydro 304: Web Services
Enrollment is Closed

This course provides an introduction to web services, especially those useful in hydroinformatics work. Several hands-on tutorials will show you how to make maps through Leaflet and OpenLayers.
Enrollment is Closed

About This Course

In the world of computing, there are some important challenges that have been around since the beginning. These challenges are so prevalent that even non-computer scientists are familiar with them. You’ve probably considered some of these when you decided what kind of computer to get for school. They probably took the form of questions such as how fast is the computer, how much memory does it have, what kinds of software do I need, how fast is my internet connection, do I have enough space on the hard drive, and so forth. A recent method for addressing these problems is the idea of service oriented computing. You can find information on this topic by searching for information about Web-Services, Services Computing, Computing Services, Service Oriented Architecture, and Cloud Computing. In this lesson, we will discuss:

  1. What are web services/computing services/etc.
  2. Importance of web services in the context of research
  3. Kinds of web services, and which are pertinent to your research needs
  4. Important standards related to web services

Course Author

Riley Hales and Abhishek Amalaraj

Target Audience

Fledgling data-scientists and researchers in hydroinformatics

Tools Needed

  1. An average computer with internet access
  2. A text editor, ideally an IDE compatible with web site development in HTML/CSS/JS such as pycharm

Suggested Time Spent

2-4 hours


BYU's CEEN 170 class, or a basic knowledge of computer components and how websites work.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Enrollment is Closed