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TETHYS-103: Linux and Command Line

This course provides an introduction to operating systems and using the terminal/command line.

About This Course

Depending on your tasks in the lab, at some point or the other you will be asked to use command line, also known as a terminal (on a Mac) or PowerShell (in Windows) or connect to a server to get some data from it or lookup/perform some operations. Basic knowledge of commonly used terms around server technologies as well as the ability to run basic commands in a terminal and connect to a server will be tools you might end up needing on a daily basis. Finally, we will also cover Cron Jobs which allow you to set up scheduled tasks on a computer system that repeat at a fixed interval.

Course Author

Rohit Khattar, Josh Ogden, Nathan Swain

Target Audience


Tools Needed

A Linux machine or virtual machine, a machine with MacOS could also work.

Suggested Time Spent

3-5 Hours


Course on virtual machines strongly recommended

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