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TETHYS 203: Scientific Python

Introduction to several packages commonly used for Scientific Applications in Python

About This Course

This Course Discusses the Basics of Data Science, along with two crucial tasks contained within it: Data Analysis and Data Visualization. It also provides learners with opportunities to practice with tools that are essential to performing these tasks using Python


Students should be comfortable with terms surrounding programming in general and with the syntax of the Python programming language.

Course Staff

Staff Members

Josh Ogden, Jude Mattice, Nathan Swain

About This Course

In order to work with hydrologic data, we need to know how to utilize tools that streamline data science applications in Python

Course Author

Josh Ogden, Nathan Swain

Target Audience

Programmers Interested in Tethys Development

Tools Needed

Internet Access, Python Capabilities on a computer.

Suggested Time Spent

Approx. 20 Hours



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