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TETHYS-210: Git and Version Control

About This Course

Writing code can get complicated, involving a lot of files and different components. It can be hard to organize, and unorganized code can develop a lot of problems, fast. It is helpful to have a sort of system to help organize code, meaning a system that helps keep track of the changes made. It is also helpful to have such a system when collaborating on code with others. This is what programmers call a version control system. So what is a version control system and how does one use it?

Course Author

Rohit Kattar, Jude Mattice, Nathan Swain

Target Audience

Beginner Programmers

Tools Needed

  • A computer with access to the internet and admin rights.
  • Suggested Time Spent

    1-2 hours


    Tethys-103: Linux and Command Line