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TETHYS-421: Web Visualization

In this course, you will learn about the JavaScript tools used to generate compelling visualization on websites. This includes plotting libraries like Plotly.js and mapping libraries like OpenLayers and Leaflet.

About This Course

The collection and processing of data is essential for leaders, engineers, and scientists to make good decisions. While the numbers are important, most people can’t just look at a large spreadsheet of values and see the trends necessary to make decisions, especially if they don’t have a lot of technical knowledge about the science. However, if computer scientists can use computers to create graphs and charts and maps, the learning curve to read and process the key aspects of the data becomes much smaller and the data becomes much more accessible for decision makers to use. This course will discuss the visualization tools that are available for JavaScript.

Course Author

Josh Ogden, Nathan Swain, Jude Mattice

Target Audience

Beginner Programmers, Data Scientists

Tools Needed

  • Internet Connection
  • Codepen Account

Suggested Time Spent

2-3 hours


  • Tethys 301: Web Progamming
  • Tethys 302: Introduction to JavaScript
  • Tethys 401: Web Services